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On The Job Training For Aircrew Inspectors To Audit ATO

March 11 to 15, 2024


Following the successful completion of the Aircrew Implementation Visit and OPS Regulation Development Workshop in Sri Lanka in December 2023, and on the recommendations of SARI Aircrew expert, a five-day activity on a Regulatory Conformance audit has been planned by SARI which will be conducted on Sri Lankan ATO from 11 to 15 March 2024 by the SARI OPS/PEL expert Mr. Peter Wilczek.

During this activity, the expert along with the CAASL team will review the audit checklists and he will educate the team on auditing techniques. The expert will supervise the auditing of an ATO by the CAASL team and will evaluate the effective implementation of the requirements in Implementation Standards (IS) 67, IS 72 and the procedures laid in SLCAP 3090 (approved training organization certification manual) and SLCAP 3010 (personnel licensing procedures manual) in relation to Manuals of the ATO including the Training records of pilots and Type Rating Instructors, FSTD, Record keeping of Type Rating Instructors and Type Rating Examiners, and Compliance Monitoring System. The scope of the audit will encompass all activities of the ATO Training & Procedure Manual approved by the DGCA to ensure compliance with IS 67, IS 72 and procedures in SLCAP 3090 & SLCAP 3010.

Over the course of this five-day event, the team will allocate three days at an ATO facility for conducting the audit, and two days at CAASL, primarily for audit preparation initially and concluding with a review session on the last day. This exercise presents an opportunity for both CAASL and ATO officials to gain insight into the auditing process and effective implementation of the regulations. It is expected, that the participants will have the opportunity to actively engage in discussions to clear their concepts and gain the required competence and experience in performing their relevant jobs.

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