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Introductory OPS Rules Development Workshop in Sri Lanka

June 12 to 14, 2023

SARI_Sri Lanka OPS rules workshop.jpg

A 3-day on-site activity took place between the 12th and 14th of June 2023 at Sri Lanka CAA (CAASL) premises. The main objective of this activity was to assist CAASL in the development and implementation of an Air Operations regulation in Sri Lanka using EASA Air Operations Implementing Regulation 965/2012 as a reference.


The workshop aimed to achieve the following:

  • To provide a review/overview of the European Air operations (OPS) regulation, its structure, and principles. 

  • To draft a roadmap leading to the implementation of these OPS standards in cooperation with CAASL and the SARI Expert, to enable the measurement of progress within this program task and to set applicable timelines. 

  • To assist CAASL in providing information on the implementation of European standards already achieved, as well as giving an outlook on the Air Ops Implementation Roadmap to the civil aviation industry. 

  • To provide insights given by the SARI Expert on Regulation drafting principles and practical examples on how to draft new Sri Lankan Air Operations Implementing Standards based on European standards. 


During the activity, presentations were given on the review of the EU Aviation Safety Rule Structure and its Principles as well as the applicability of Air Operations regulations. Part ARO, Part ORO, Part CAT, Part SPA, Part NCC, Part NCO, and Part SPO were presented including two phases of a roadmap and milestones. Furthermore, a presentation on the advantages of the European regulations, in general, was given, including the positive impacts on Civil Aviation in Sri Lanka adopting the new intended Implementing Standards IS 83, IS 89 and IS 101.  Also, practical examples of how to adapt the European Hard and Soft law to the legal requirements of Sri Lanka were presented. The activity concluded with the Rule Logs Part ORO, CAT, and SPA groups started to draft the first changes in their assigned parts of the European Air Ops Regulations.

The activity enhanced the competence of the participants and prepared them to perform the upcoming tasks and reinforced their positive attitude regarding the changes that need to be implemented. 

The activity hosted 32 participants of which 16 were CAASL representatives and 16 were industry representatives from Sri Lanka including 1 SARI team representative SARI OPS/PEL expert, Mr. Peter Wilczek.

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