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Assistance to Sri Lanka in the area of Airworthiness

January 9 to 26, 2024


After the support extended by SARI to CAASL in May 2023, focusing on updating Part 66/147 regulations and conducting an Implementation Visit (IV) to assess Part M compliance in both CAASL and the aviation industry, CAASL expressed a need for a prolonged deployment of SARI AIR expert. A three-week-long activity has been scheduled as the initial step toward meeting CAASL's requirements and was conducted from the 9th to the 26th of January 2024.  This activity aimed to provide the CAASL with technical support to enhance their safety oversight capability in the Airworthiness domain through the development of rules in line with the EU standards and ensuring their effective implementation. 

The first part of the activity focused on the root cause analysis, while the second part focused on differences between the EASA airworthiness regulations currently in force (Part ML, Part CAMO, Part CAO, Part 145, Part 66, and Part 147) and the related Implementation Standards (IS) in Sri Lanka. The final topic for discussion addressed the management of change for organizations and state-level authorities. 

The mission resulted in the development of a detailed Corrective Action Plan (CAP), aimed at significantly improving CAASL's capability for safety oversight, and a detailed Transposition Action Plan (TAP), which provides a list of necessary steps for integrating the latest EASA regulations into the local regulatory framework. Both plans require continuous monitoring and potential adaptation to new circumstances.  

Overall, the activity aimed to provide comprehensive information on the EU AIR regulations, promote knowledge exchange and address practical implementation issues to support the successful adoption of the current as well as amended AIR rules in Sri Lanka.  

The activity cultivated a collaborative environment, enabling participants to share insights, exchange knowledge, and enhance their understanding of the practical implementation challenges faced in the region and provided participants with a clear understanding of various key aspects of the recent regulatory changes in all domains and gained an in-depth understanding of the intention of the specific regulatory provisions and thus facilitate the development of targeted actions directed toward the root cause of the observed deficiencies. 

The activity hosted 7 participants from CAA Sri Lanka. The SARI team was represented by SARI AIR Expert Mr. Asmir Kruhovic. 

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