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Part ORA (IS67) Implementation Visit in Sri Lanka

June 5 to 9, 2023

A 5-day on-site activity took place between the 5th and 9th of June 2023 at Sri Lanka CAA (CAASL) premises. The objective was to assist CAASL in the development and implementation of an Aircrew Regulation in Sri Lanka using EASA Aircrew Regulation 1178/2011 as a reference.


The workshop aimed to achieve the following:

  • To review the current implementation status of the newly adopted ORA regulations (IS 67) by observing at least one ATO audit.  

  • To verify the effectiveness of the checklists developed by CAASL with the support of the EASA expert and the familiarization in their use. 

  • To clarify open questions.   

  • To share best practices and guidance on auditing techniques. 

  • To discuss next steps and agree on a roadmap.


The activity started with a presentation of the review of previously discussed topics regarding Part ORA followed by the implementation status of IS 67 (Part ORA) and progress made so far by CAASL. In preparation for the upcoming audit by CAASL, the audit was conducted at the ATO main theoretical training center of “Openskies Flight Training PVT LTD”. The activity concluded with a presentation on how to process audits and inspections, as well as the process of handling findings, information on Root Cause Analysis and the observations made by the experts during the audit were discussed in detail. The Implementation Visit showed proper progress in the implementation of Part ORA in Implementing Standard 67.  

The activity hosted 15 participants of which 9 were CAASL representatives, and 6 were industry representatives from Sri Lanka including 1 SARI team representative SARI OPS/PEL expert, Mr. Peter Wilczek, and 1 EASA representative, EASA PEL expert Ms. Eleonora Italia.

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