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Part 66 and Part 147: Regulations Development Workshop (RDW)
in Sri Lanka

May 2 to 4, 2023

A 3-day on-site activity took place between the 2nd and 4th of May 2023 at Sri Lanka CAA (CAASL) premises. The main objective was to provide comprehensive information, promote knowledge exchange, and address practical implementation issues to support the successful adoption of the amended rules.


The workshop aimed to achieve the following:

  • To present the current EU Part-66 and Part 147 Implementing Rules, as well as the upcoming changes that are currently in the Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) or Opinion phase.

  • To review the differences between the existing IS-66 and IS-147 regulations currently in force in Sri Lanka and identify the gap, leading to the development of an implementation action plan.

  • To provide practical guidance to ensure the effective implementation of the amended rules in Sri Lanka.

  • To facilitate discussions on the challenges faced by the civil aviation authority and the industry in Sri Lanka. regarding the implementation of Part 66 and Part 147.

  • To improve understanding of EU regulations and their development based on the needs identified in the European Aviation Safety Plan (EPAS).


The activity started with presenting the status of CAASL regulations including the current regulation of CAASL IS-147 & IS-66 and recent regulatory changes in EASA Part 66 and Part 147 including a presentation on EASA general rulemaking procedures emphasizing that safety rules must be regularly updated to match the complex and rapidly evolving aviation industry, through continuous risk management processes. Furthermore, a thorough review was done, and discussions were made on the optimal transposition of the changes into Sri Lanka Implementing Standards (IS-66 and IS-147) including a comparison between EASA and CAASL Part 66 and Part 147 regulations. The workshop concluded with the Management of Change including identification of the related hazards and risk assessment and the development of a roadmap for the intended changes.


The activity fostered a collaborative environment where participants could share insights, exchange knowledge, and better understand the practical implementation challenges faced in Sri Lanka.  The activity hosted 10 CAASL representatives from Sri Lanka and 3 SARI team representatives: Director – EU SA APP II, Mr. Mahmood Razee, SARI Coordinator, Mr. Muhammad Zahid Bhatti, and SARI Airworthiness expert, Mr. Asmir Kruhovic.

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