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Assistance to Nepal in the area of OPS and Aircrew

January 22 to February 9, 2024


Following the support extended by SARI to CAAN by conducting 2 events concerning Introductory Ops and Aircrew RDWs in November 2023 and July 2023 respectively, CAAN expressed a need for a prolonged deployment of SARI OPS/PEL expert. Therefore, to address the CAAN requirements, a three-week-long activity was scheduled from 22 January to 9 February 2024 as the initial step to support CAAN in the domains of OPS and Aircrew. In this regard, SARI OPS/PEL expert Captain Peter Wilczek was deployed at CAAN. 

This activity aimed to: 

  • Analyze and address the observations made by the EU officials in their Report during their on-site assessment visit to Nepal (11-15 September 2023). 

  • To carry out the root cause analysis of the observations along with the CAAN officials and the Nepalese Operators having relevant theoretical background, and provide an appropriate OJT.

  • To assess the current status of the regulations that were in the draft form. 

  • Working alongside CAAN officials, the expert was tasked with reviewing and updating the roadmap for implementing Aircrew and Ops standards, with the EASA Aircrew Regulation 1178/2011 and EASA Air Operations Regulation 965/2012 as the primary references respectively.


The activity focused on Safety Management System (SMS), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and implementation of CAPs along with continuous improvement. During RCA, the expert provided appropriate guidance to the CAAN officials.  He delivered a presentation on SMS focused on the operators. He analysed and practised with participants the Root Cause Analysis. In the second week, the participants started developing relevant CAPs (based on the RCAs done under the supervision of the expert) as well as reviewing the relevant CAAN processes and procedures. The last week of the activity was dedicated to the rule making process in the domains of Ops and Aircrew based on EU Air Operations and Aircrew regulations. 


Overall, the activity enhanced the knowledge and competence of the participants of CAAN and the Air Operators regarding RCA and the development of appropriate CAPs. It also helped reinforce the participants' positive attitude regarding the changes that now need to be implemented. 


The activity hosted 20 participants from CAAN and 65 participants from the aviation industry. The SARI team was represented by SARI OPS/PEL Expert Mr. Peter Wilczek. The activity also hosted Ms. Dr. Joëlle Hivonnet, Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Delegation and Head of the Political, Press & Information Section (Delegation of the European Union to Nepal).

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