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Second OPS Regulation Development Workshop in Sri Lanka

December 11 to 13, 2023


Based on previous activity to support CAA SL in the OPS domain (Introductory OPS Rules Development Workshop) in June 2023 and subsequent remote meetings to develop the rule logs of the Ops regulations, a 3-day on-site activity took place from 11-13 December 2023 at Sri Lanka CAA (CAASL) premises to provide support to CAASL in the domain of Operations. The main objective was to provide comprehensive information, promote knowledge exchange, and address practical implementation issues to support the successful adoption of the amended rules.

The workshop aimed to achieve the following: 


  • Deliberations on the processes and procedures for updating Implementing Standards (IS) for Part ORO, Part CAT, and Part SPA, in accordance with the amendments to EU regulations.

  • Assessment of CAASL's progress in the development of Part CAT, Part ORO, and Part SPA regulations and discussion on challenges faced by the CAASL in the rule development process and the current status.      

  • Provide a review/overview of the European Air Operations (OPS) regulation, regarding parts NCC, NCO and SPO.

  • Explore the status of rules applicable/drafted.

  • Draft, in cooperation between CAASL and the SARI experts, a roadmap leading to the implementation of OPS standards (including parts NCC, NCO and SPO) using EASA Air Operations Regulation 965/2012 as a reference and enabling thereby the measurement of progress within this program task and to set applicable timelines.

  • Provide insights given by the SARI experts on Part NCC, Part NCO and Part SPO, and practical examples enabling CAASL to draft its own Air Ops regulations based on European standards and give time to practice regulation drafting under the guidance of the experts.

The activity started with the review of the EU Aviation Safety Rule Structure and Principles and continued with Amendments to Implementing Standards based on EU regulation amendments. The expert and participants reviewed the progress made by CAA SL on Part CAT (IS 089), Part ORO (IS 083) and Part SPA (IS 101). Furthermore, the expert introduced Operations Requirements for Part NCC (IS 102), Part NCO (IS 103) and Part SPO (IS 104) based on European Air Operations Regulations (Hard Law and Soft Law) including comprehensive Regulation Drafting Principles, involving practical exercises and participant collaboration and creating a roadmap and milestones. The activity concluded with the Rule Logs Part NCC, Part NCO, Part SPO groups started to draft the first changes in their assigned parts of the European Air Ops Regulations.

The activity enhanced the competence of the participants and prepared them to perform the upcoming tasks and reinforced their positive attitude regarding the changes that need to be implemented. 

The activity hosted 13 participants from CAA SL OPS Department including 2 SARI team representatives SARI OPS/Aircrew expert, Mr. Peter Wilczek and SARI project office coordinator, Ms. Romany Lawrence-Hewa.

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