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Introductory Ops Regulation Development Workshop in Pakistan

September 11 to September 15, 2023

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A 5-day on-site activity took place from 11-15 September 2023 at Pakistan CAA (PCAA) premises. The main objective was to provide a review/overview of the European Air operations (OPS) regulation, its structure, and principles including insights given by the SARI Experts on Regulation drafting principles, and practical examples on how to start drafting own Air Ops regulations based on European standards.

The workshop aimed to achieve the following:

  • To introduce the regulator and the aviation industry with the EU OPS regulations.

  • To explore the current status of rules applicable/drafted.

  • To draft, in cooperation between PCAA and the SARI experts, a roadmap leading to the development and implementation of OPS standards using EASA Air Operations Regulation 965/2012 as a reference and enabling thereby the measurement of progress within this program task and to set applicable timelines.

  • To provide insights given by the SARI experts on regulation drafting principles, and practical examples on how to start to draft its own Air Ops regulations based on European standards and give time to practice regulation drafting under the guidance of the expert.

During the activity, the expert delivered presentations on the scope of EU Aviation Safety Regulations, the related benefits of the European Aviation Legislation, the role of EASA as an organization and the EU regulatory structure. Differences between “Hard Law” and “Soft Law” were elaborated in connection with Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material, as well the possibility of Alternative Means of Compliance processes. Furthermore, the current regulatory framework related to civil aviation in Pakistan was presented by the PCAA. The teams were structured by PCAA to practice the rules drafting in the areas of ORO, CAT and DEF on the basis of Easy Access Rules (Revision 19 from November 2022). The activity helped the PCAA officials in getting competencies for drafting the new Air Operations Regulations based on EASA regulations Annex I – Part DEF, Annex II – Part ARO, Annex III – Part ORO, Annex IV – Part CAT, Annex V – Part SPA, Annex VI – Part NCC, Annex VI – Part NCO and Annex VIII – Part SPO (Hard Laws and Soft Laws). In addition, the self-confidence of the team members was significantly enhanced, especially with regard to their ability to perform all the required tasks throughout the change process.

The activity hosted 23 participants from which 8 PCAA representatives and 15 industry representatives from Pakistan including 2 SARI team representatives: SARI Coordinator, Mr. Muhammad Zahid Bhatti and SARI OPS/PEL expert, Mr. Peter Wilczek.

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