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Aircrew implementation visit
to Sri Lanka

December 14 to 20, 2023


Building upon previous visit (Part ORA (IS67) Implementation visit) in June 2023, a 5-day on-site activity took place from 14-15 and 18-20 December 2023 at Sri Lanka CAA (CAASL) premises. The main objective was to assist the CAASL in the implementation of an Aircrew regulation in Sri Lanka using EASA Aircrew regulation 1178/2011 as reference. The support started in 2019 under the EU-SA APP project I, and as a result, the CAASL has published:

  • Implementing Standard (IS 072) for the implementation of Part FCL on pilot license, ratings and certificates; and

  • Implementing Standard (IS 067) for the implementation of Part ORA on organization requirements for Aircrew.

This Implementation Visit aimed to achieve the following: 

  • Discuss experiences and current main issues regarding the interpretation and implementation of Part ORA (IS 067), Part FCL (IS 072) and other relevant Implementing Standards;

  • Review of the CAASL´s Oversight Programme, including handling of findings and corrective actions;

  • Evaluation of flying training programmes as per Appendix 3 to Part FCL (IS 072);

  • Review of CAASL´s relevant processes and procedures;

  • Review of CAASL´s Aircrew Inspector;

  • Review of CAASL´s FSTD evaluation processes and procedures; and

  • Discussion with Examiners (as participants from the industry) on matters related to Part FCL (IS 072).

During the activity the CAASL provided presentations on the `Implementation of FCL Regulations in Sri Lanka´ and the need for the update of Part ORA (IS 067) and Part FCL (IS 072) was discussed with the participants. The expert emphasized the importance of developing applicable processes and procedures to regularly update CAASL´s Implementing Standards. He further briefed the participants on the alignment of Implementing Standards based on EU standards, including oversight programs, corrective actions, and record keeping practices. The activity continued with discussions in several areas, such as examination procedures, certification processes, license issuance, examiner authorisation, Aircrew Inspector qualifications including the evaluation of Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs). The activity concluded with a briefing on the outcomes of the visit and the most important areas requiring improvements were discussed in detail and it helped the CAA of Sri Lanka to enhance the competence of the participants and pointed out those processes and procedures which need improvement. 

The activity hosted 18 participants from which 11 CAA representatives from Sri Lanka, 7 industry representatives from Sri Lanka and 2 SARI team representatives SARI OPS/Aircrew expert, Mr. Peter Wilczek and SARI project office coordinator, Ms. Romany Lawrence-Hewa.

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