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SARI Part 145: Working group members meeting in Male, Maldives

November 19 to November 21, 2023

IMG_1615 WGM Maldives.JPG

SARI has embarked a new phase of updating its Air regulations, commencing with the revision of SARI Part 145 regulations. A 3-day on-site activity took place from 19-21 November 2023 in Maldives with the courtesy of CAAM. The main objective was to gather the SARI Member States (MS) and discuss the revisions/amendments introduced by EASA in the recent years in EASA Part 145 regulations and accordingly update the SARI Part 145 regulations. Moreover, discussion was also held on the way forward to be adopted in terms of implementation and follow-up of the regulation, precisely Part 145 regulation related to the approval of maintenance organisations.

The Working Group Meeting aimed to achieve the following:

  • To discuss the development and implementation process of regulation Part 145, and the impact it may have on the technical, regulatory, and financial aspects.

  • To agree with SARI Member States on a process to develop, that will enable a sustainable & continuous update of SARI Part 145 regulation, and

  • To present some guidance on the tools that SARI MS will have to build for the implementation of a recurrent regulation amendment & update process.


During the activity, the expert presented the current situation of SARI regulatory texts (regulation Part 145 & associated NPA) and status in terms of alignment with respectively to SARI regulation Part 145 and EASA rules. It was agreed that SARI regulation on Part 145 is no more useful for the implementation by SARI MS, since it has not been revised nor amended since 2016, while EASA rules have evolved and extended to a wider scope. Participating SARI MS presented their status on Part 145 regulation and the expert proposed tools and guidance material to be developed by SARI MS to optimise and ensure the continuous and reliable amendment of their regulation. For a better harmonisation and efficiency of the regulation implementation in the SARI region, it would be necessary to establish an Impact Assessment study that will be adopted with a mutual agreement between SARI Member States.

The activity hosted 23 participants from which 1 CAA Bhutan representative, 2 CAA Nepal representatives, 8 CAA Maldives representatives and 12 industry representatives from which 1 from Pakistan and 11 from Maldives. SARI team was represented by: SARI AIR Expert Ms. Nadia Konzali, SARI Project Director Mr. Mahmood Razee, SARI Chairman Mr. Abdulla Mohamed, Vice Chairman Mr. Rayhan Wanniappa and SARI Assistant Ms. Romany Lawrence-Hewa.

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