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About SARI

SARI is a program agreed upon by the South Asian States and continued from 2006 to date. The process was funded by the European Commission and supported by Aircraft Industry and was formally included in the EU-SA Aviation Partnership Project in 2017. It focuses on regional regulatory harmonization using EU (EASA) regulations as a reference. One of the core actions of the current EU-SA APP II it to continue the support of the South Asia Regional Initiative (SARI) as a natural continuation of the efforts devoted in the former project.

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News and upcoming activities

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Introductory OPS Rules
Development Workshop in India 

3 - 7th of June

Introductory OPS Regulation Development Workshop in India2.jpg

Introductory OPS Rules
Development Workshop in India 

29th of April - 3rd of May, 2024


OPS (SPA) in Maldives

21st - 25th of April, 2024


SARI 15th Steering Committee Meeting, Sri Lanka 

18th of March


On The Job Training For Aircrew Inspectors To Audit ATO

11 - 15th of March


Assistance to Nepal in the area of OPS and Aircrew

22nd of January  - 9th of February


Muhamad Zahid Bhatti

SARI Coordinator

+92 302 828 5788

EASA Headquarters

Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 3,

50668 Cologne, Germany

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